8K UCN nano touch film booster education and conference market

March 2015, the second generation 8K nano touch (product model MT-S192), compared with the first generation of 8K nano touch membrane, has 10 times the anti-interference ability and 2 times the speed of operation. Both meet the need of large size projection interaction, but also meet the needs of large size 4K LCD panel.


  MT-S192 is a flexible sensing film,The thickness is only 0.17mm,Dimensions cover 65 inches to 130 inches.Maximum sensing area 1.5x2.8 M,Weight < 0.2Kg,In the 0.17mm thick film, the 8092 nm sensor is encapsulated.Recognition accuracy of 8192x4096.


MT-S192 induction films by Japanese optical high transparent PET substrate, with super high and low-temperature resistant property, extreme temperature, low temperature to 45 DEG C, high temperature to 110 DEG C.The nano sensor can be used in the temperature range of -50 to 150.Using industrial grade components integration, working temperature range of - 25 DEG C to 80 DEG C MT-S192 controller IC due to the pet base deformation resistance and acid and alkali corrosion characteristics, the comprehensive performance of the MT-S192 reached industrial grade standard.


In the test of conducted interference and radiated interference, the interference test of 300MHz to 50KHz was successfully passed.

Power consumption, due to the use of the USB 2 interface, the maximum power consumption of 2.0W, sleep power 0.05 watts.

MT-S192 has been widely used in education and conference market:

Intelligent blackboard (70 inch)
Ultra large meeting interactive tablet (70 inch 84 inch)
Combat command interaction system (with a 84 inch desktop interactive system)
Ultra long intelligent interactive table 32:9 (human body simulation experimental teaching platform)

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