Successful R&D of 20 Points Protouch iFoil

After five years persistent research and development, ProTouch iFoil multi-point series turn out to be a success. It could identify 20 touch points at one time, and support interactive applications with touch points less than 20.


ProTouch iFoil multi-point series are composed of high transparent ProTouch iFoil (senor units) , control circuit (controller) and driver. High transparent ProTouch iFoil (senor units) is manufactured by UPG solely owned third generation production line (F3) which adopts auto assembly production line, and 90% of production process is carried out by robot, and qualified rate improve greatly.

Control circuit is solely developed by UPG. UPG has mastered core algorithm of filtering and touch. Based on ProTouch V5 / V5s/V6 series controllers, UPG breaks through barrier on multipoint Protouch iFoil from its foreign counterparts and developed ProTouch MT 1.0 multipoint control circuit which supports 10 points, and MT 2.0 multipoint control circuit which supports 20 points while technology concerned reaches international leading level.

Driver has become materialized in hardware. Based on ProTouch DSP technology, driver is solidified to ProTouch DSP hardware middleware and functions without driver on systems like Windows 7/8, Linux Ubuntu, etc. It improves system stability and operation efficiency and reduces user expectation for higher configuration in computer mainframe, and cuts costs for users.

ProTouch iFoil multi-point series could be thin and transparent as cell phone stickers. It could be laminated on glass and in an instant glass becomes touch screen. When it’s laminated on TV, TV becomes touch screen TV, while laminated on table, table becomes touch screen table. It is equipped with same many good qualities like dual ProTouch iFoil, such as quick response, flat surface and elegant, waterproof, dustproof and bulletproof.


It brings people pleasant interactive experience in many occasions. We could find that in teaching students query, download, discuss projects and collaborate with team members on team work, all the above could be done on one touch screen device. In exhibition center, shopping mall or brand experience shop, multi touch is no longer a problem. Barrier-free interactive sharing can be realized in real sense. And in cafes and KTV, you and your friends are immersed in fun that team games on multi touch devices brings, while during PR event, IOT terminal represents by vending machine becomes a shing star because of its excellent performance.

It is UPG's never changing philosophy that high and new technology could be widely used in daily life. So during our persistent R&D and innovation, we attach importance to optimization in product performance and cut product cost. We sincerely believe that with our efforts with so many business partners, we will welcome intelligent and nicefuture.

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