"Large size, quick response, precise control" be the latest requiremen

51 touch reports that in recent years, under the influence of the rapid development, the display panel and display module industry and the downstream emerging consumer electronics market, touch-screen production enterprises increased touch-screen production-related products investment projects, touch screen industry scale showing a rapid development trend.


Touch screen industry over the past dozen years have been sonic, infrared, resistive, capacitive and other types development, has formed a more mature industry system. The future, touch-screen industry's development depends mainly on technological innovation and new technology breakthroughs.

OGS (One Glass Solution): In recent years the rise of a protective glass directly on the formation of ITO conductive film and sensor technology, direct touch function sensing circuit etching on the cover glass, thereby reducing the layer of glass substrate and a fit, because of its light transmission, the degree of light in the ordinary GF above the production line investment and product yield than the embedded touch screen there is a certain advantage, causing widespread concern in the industry. OGS has the advantage of the technology is mature, you can save more cost, and can reduce the touch screen thickness and weight. At present, OGS major manufacturers will mainly transfer R & D direction to the large size screen.

3D Touch: the multi-point three-dimensional touch technology. Three-dimensional touch technology is also a new touch screen technology, through the three-dimensional touch technology, not only can achieve the original pressure touch, tap the touch function, also added a "re-press" screen new dimension function.

Multi-point 3D touch technology is equivalent to the upgraded version of the pressure touch, the main addition of "re-press" touch new features, and other aspects of the same pressure touch. For domestic manufacturers, the current pressure touch and three-dimensional multi-touch technology are still the new areas need to break in the future.


With the continuous expansion of touch-screen applications, large size, fast response, precise control, such as the latest requirements on the touch screen. Many companies to speed up the development of various types of new materials, trying to seize the lead.

In recent years, conductive polymer, nano-silver wire, metal mesh, carbon nanotubes and graphene, and other new flexible transparent conductive material research and development efforts continue to increase, significantly accelerated the process of industrialization, ITO transparent conductive film replacement is easy, but also in the large size of the touch screen to achieve gratifying breakthroughs in the field. 


With great concentration for ten years, UC Nano achieved the technological innovation of touch screen field
In china, UC Nano is the first company to get involved in the touch screen industry, technological innovation and achieved breakthrough results. From the beginning of 2006, the UC Nano will be committed to the nano-touch film this new type of projection capacitor technology development and application of promotion.


Through the nano-wire weaving XY axis composed of induction unit, can accurately sense the human body static electricity, In addition, nano-touch film also has a unique Z-axis, not only can penetrate 8mm thick glass, but also support the use of nano-wire to form a sense of the composition of the XY-axis unit can accurately sense the human body static, touch positioning, Pressure touch. At present, the single chip can be 180 inches, breaking the traditional small size of the capacitive screen limitations, the use of nano-touch membrane made of touch-screen and intelligent terminals, can achieve flat surface, thin narrow side, also has a waterproof, Dust, riot characteristics, can be used in a variety of non-ideal environment to meet the different scenarios and customer needs.

Mass production, so that price be cheaper
UC Nano is the inventor of nano-touch film, with dozens of national invention patents and international PCT invention patents, is also the world's largest nano-touch film production manufacturers.


Except the R & D building has a single building, UC Nano has invested more than 10,000 square feet of industrial 4.0 clean room, four production lines to upgrade, has yielded more than 96% film yield, annual production capacity of more than one million.

In the future, UC Nano will continue to technological innovation, optimize the core technology, using new materials to bring the revolution in technology products, better serve people's lives.

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