Perfect ending of munich electronica exhibition


Football and beer, are the most popular things people can not forget in german, but in November 8th, technology attract people to get together in munich.
"Where the future begins" is the theme of this year's electronics fair in Munich, where the international technology giants gathered, 143,000 square meters makes it the largest in the world; despite during the show, Munich has been under heavy snow, but still cannot poured people’s enthusiasm for science and technology enthusiasts.

Touch All In One: now is the future
Unmanned technology, holographic projection, or semiconductors? As the theme of the show, "Where the future begins," says, we do not know where the next technology will be. However, in the foreseeable future, touch in each person's life has occupied a place.
In the Pan Pu booth to the mirror, large conference tablet, touch vending machines and other end products as the carrier, with built-in rich application software, visit a touch of ubiquitous experience of the future life.
Smart home
9:30 am, you have an important meeting, view. "Early in the morning into the bathroom, the mirror automatically prompts to receive the meeting last night, to confirm understanding, click on today's weather, dressing guide and other information;
Wisdom business
Familiar conference room, the large conference tablet to replace the computer, curtain, projection combination, put a morning news on the latest market trends, open the PPT demonstration program prepared carefully, or drawing a complex diagram, spread to the participants hands , Just touch it to help you easily get;

Smart retail
When you feel a little sleepy, it is time to have a cup of coffee. The company's vending machine quietly change to the touch-type, sometimes it acts as the role of the announcer, broadcast the latest company news, event information, or for nervous people put a funny animation; the screen display a variety of products, pictures, touch the corresponding picture can be a key order.
The OGS solution: more possibilities with other black technologies
Touch, is not the only focus of the Munich Electronics Show, this technology gluttonous feast, 5G wireless, unlimited battery, things Internet, VR virtual reality without absence. Facing these different black technology industries, UC Nano display the latest touch technology, also seeking the possibility of apply nano-touch technology with advanced industries.
Only the best touch, can match with the most cutting-edge technology products. Nano-touch foil is the core product of UC Nano, it has the world's PCT patent, just attached to the back of the glass, you can make the glass with touch function. The touch response time is shortened to <4mm, computing power increased to 200, 10 to 100 multi-touch is the industry's highest standards, and can support the curved touch, make the application scene extremely rich.
Thanks for all your support and visiting, believing UC Nano will provide the better products for you in the next stage and we also welcome cooperation and suggestion from you!
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