UCN Frequently Asked Qustions

  • 01What are the sizes of touch foils that UC Nano can manufacture?
    UC Nano can manufacture touch foils from 10" to 180" (diagonal). Currently the more popular LCD/LED panels in the market is below 100”, thus the mass production sizes for UC Nano touch foil are also below 100”. Big size touch foils above 100” normally work together with projector, which need to be customized.
  • 02What are the operations systems that are the system platforms supported by nano-touch foil?
    Nano touch film support Windows XP, Windows7 \ 8 \ 10 (Windows 32 bits and Windows 64 bits system), Linux, Android4.0 and above operating system.
  • 03Can nano touch foil be used on curved screen?
    Nano-touch foil with flexible features can be applied to the curved screen to meet the market requirements of the curved surface of the screen.
  • 04Where can touch foil be attached except the glass ?
    The nano-touch foil can be attached to the insulating flat/curve surface material, in their surface and curve surface can produce precise touch effects, such as: glass, acrylic board, wood and so on.
  • 05Can the control circuit board of the nano-touch foil be removable?
    Yes, the main advantage of the control circuit board is that the touch foil on the glass do not need to consider the control board water problem, and when the control circuit board is damaged, you can easily replace a new circuit board, maintenance will become very simple and maintenance costs will be reduced.
  • 06What is the difference between UCN‘s nano-touch foil and related products and similar products on the market?
    UCN is the only one company has nano-touch film invention patents, there are two possibilities in other companies nano-touch products. One is the use of our home-made nano-touch film, once again integrated terminal products, the majority of customers can call UCN 400 hotline query certification; another is imitation generic nano-touch film, commonly known as "cottage film" The Nano-touch technology requires long-term technical accumulation, and continuous iterative optimization, and "cottage film" due to the lack of core technology can only be modeled on the moment or has been replaced by the old generation of products, in terms of experience and stability are not guaranteed , While the late facing the problem, then cannot find a way to repair, so we suggest you carefully choose!

  • 01Will the middle of the blackboard touch screen hot if long time use?
    No. Nano-touch blackboard surface glass improved, and power consumption is also very low, lower than home LED lights power, so it will not be hot. And the left and right sides of the blackboard are set aside specifically for the writing area, there is no liquid crystal display, contribute to the heat of the divergence.
  • 02Will the marks cannot wipe off if blackboard surface use a long time?
    Our blackboard surface glass passes the <<JC / T 2130-2012 mobile electronics video cover glass>>for abrasion resistance testing. Surface with super-AG glass, after wear test 50,000 consecutive friction, water-soluble chalk 50,000 times friction continuous reciprocating friction, capacitive touch pen 50,000 consecutive round-trip friction, no wear marks.
  • 03How to install the blackboard if school teachers have their own teaching software?
    The blackboard host is windows system, you can download and install the software, while the blackboard also has USB interface, through the insert U disk to read, you can install the software.
  • 04Is the software installed in your product genuine?
    Yes, as long as you open the software without any registration tips are genuine; if prompted to register the software description is a trial version, you can communicate with us to upgrade the premium version of the official version.
  • 05Is the blackboard built-in software free to upgrade?
    UCN commitment to the nano-touch blackboard to provide software for life-long free upgrade service.
  • 06Can your product be powered off directly?
    Yes, our products in the hardware and software has been optimized, switching machine with the same as ordinary appliances, and strive to facilitate the use of customers. As the direct switch machine will not be able to save the file being edited, it is recommended that customers save the file before shutting down.
  • 07What writing method can nano-touch blackboard can support ?
    Nano touch blackboard support chalk writing, whiteboard writing, capacitive pen writing and handwriting a variety of writing methods.
  • 08Are your products certified by electromagnetic interference?
    With EMC electromagnetic anti-jamming function, can maximize the elimination of interference noise power signal.
  • 09Does the nano-touch blackboard have a virtual keyboard and how does it work?
    Our keyboard is hidden on the left side of the screen, the teacher can find on the left side of the screen, if the current page is not black, just click on it will appear, and then you drag the right to the middle, the keyboard shows, all the input can be operated on the keyboard.
  • 10Can the blackboard wipe with water?
    The blackboard usually chalkboard writing, ordinary board erase can be; you can also use cotton cloth dipped in water to clean once a week, because the blackboard is waterproof, will not affect the blackboard function.
  • 11Blackboard Windows can support Chinese and English switch?
    You can upgrade the system to Windows10, can support the switch.
  • 12Does the board install the software when come from the factory?
    Standard UCN self-developed teaching software.
  • 13What is UCN’s advantage compare with other similar touch blackboard?
    The core technology advantages, nano-touch blackboard the most technical content of the touch is the core of nano-touch film, UCN is the inventor of nano-touch film, master the core technology, and its iterative optimization, so UCN nano-touch blackboard the first time integrated the latest generation of nano-touch technology, in the sense of experience, fluency, stability and other advantages, other similar companies do not produce touch core components, and some cooperation with UCN to buy the core components, and some for the price advantage, the purchase of "cottage film" integration; technical service advantages, UCN master the entire touch core and hardware and software integration of the core technology, the latter can provide timely and accurate after-sale technical support, and other companies integrated class manufacturers, for the latter part of the hardware and software technical services, one by one must be ruled out and request the relevant assistance; price advantage, the current UCN is the world's nano touch film / touch panel bulk cost control of the lowest manufacturers, because the use of nano touch film / The touch panel integrated intelligent terminal in the price also has certain advantages; bidding advantages, the core technology has invention patents, UCN produced nano-touch blackboard after 3C certification, also has software copyright, in the bidding when the general company Products have a leading edge.

  • 01How long the touch response time?
    The current UCN products , are using the latest generation of nano-touch film, to achieve precise touch, real-time response, touch response time is less than 4ms.
  • 02One machine also need to debug again? Or plug in the power can be used directly?
    Just use an external power supply without any setup.
  • 03Does UCN provide training on product applications?
    in order to allow users to quickly and fully grasp the use of products, UCN formed a professional training team for agents, integrators, end users to provide product training, the specific details you can contact the sales staff or Call 400 telephone consultation.
  • 04What are the advantages of your nano-touch one machine and infrared one machine?
    First of all, the two different principles in touch, nano touch one machine using nano touch technology, is a modified projection of mutual capacitance technology, not only has the advantages of infrared touch technology and features, more waterproof Dust and anti-violence, ultra-thin flat and so do not have the advantages of infrared features. Second, the life of different parts, nano-touch one of the core components sealed, the surface covered with super-tempered glass, the service life of up to 10 years; infrared one machine, surrounded by external borders, groove, environmental tolerance is low, General service life in about 5 years. In addition, the nano-touch one machine safety and stability is higher than the infrared one machine, suitable for semi-outdoor / outdoor harsh environment.

  • 01How long is your product warranty?
    The warranty period provided by the company is determined according to the type of product sold. The blackboard products are sold for three years from the date of sale. Other products are in accordance with the national three packs of policies, one year from the date of sale, Beginning time from the date of purchase of the invoice date of the user began to calculate, the company also promised to provide the product to provide free lifelong software upgrade service work, service hotline for the 4006-192-129, at any time to answer user questions.

  • 01Does UCN offer software custom development services?
    provide, according to customer needs and workload to a reasonable offer, signed a development contract, the software development. At the same time, also dedicated to provide joint development services, unity and industry forces, and jointly build software and platforms to meet the needs of users.
  • 02At present,What standard hardware system UCN running?
    Standardized products run windows and Android systems.
  • 03What kind of software can be run on UCN devices?
    UCN equipment basically adapt to all the windows system and Android system software.
  • 04How is the multi-point interaction software and UCN device fit?
    As long as the use of windows or Android multi-point API development software can be adapted.
  • 05How to upgrade the software in the UCN product? Is it free?
    support online upgrade, free of charge.
  • 06IS UCN nano-touch blackboard teaching software self research and developed? Is there software copyright?
    UCN nano touch blackboard standard two teaching software are developed by UCN, has obtained software copyright.
  • 07What is the standard software of teaching touch table / touch coffee table / touch magic mirror / touch blackboard?
    Blackboard standard company‘s own teaching software, other equipment can be downloaded according to the corresponding system application software, UCN has a professional software team, such as customers have customized software needs, with the sales side in advance in detail communication.
  • 08Can your software be sold separately or must you need hardware?
    can be sold separately.

  • 01UCN general integration of product life has 10 years, any the relevant certification?
    According to the national accreditation committee approved the testing agency, the standard aging test calculation income.
  • 02How much air gap can avoid interference?
    The general environment 4-10mm, special occasions need to be adjusted according to the situation on the spot.
  • 03What is the thickness of the MTX film that can penetrate the glass and the Alec? Need to adjust sensitivity?
    The thickness is 4-6mm, slightly adjust the sensitivity; thickness is 7-12mm, depending on the situation to do the corresponding signal amplification and sensitivity adjustment.
  • 04Can the two screens provide a splicing scheme?
    technically speaking, can be achieved, but depends on the specific use of the scene, with the integration of the product size is growing, the splicing program will gradually be replaced on the cost and stability.

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