Smart shopping guide program

Program Background
development of information technology and touch technology, touch shopping guide solution because of its high interactive and super sense of experience, is the explosive growth rate of the impact of the entire commercial shopping guide and media advertising market.
Present problem
Repeated to dressing room to dress up, consume a lot of time, and even let consumers feel irritable, give up the desire to buy
The operator is difficult to collect the customer's personal preferences, can not do data analysis
Physical fitting room occupies a large area of space, increase operating costs
Traditional poster publicity, window display monotony, no difference, no interaction, it is difficult to impress consumers
Can not get through the online and offline, can not fight the impact of electricity business platform
Unit area utilization rate is not high, the information is not replaced in time, lack of human services
High human input, increase operating costs, no matter how profitable, have to pay high labor costs
Program details
Shopping malls / brand shop shopping guide display window
1) Put interactive large-screen in shopping malls or brand shop window display, and create a first sense of combination of art and science and technology, attract customers to interact, consumption, and promote the passenger flow;
2) real-time release theme show , new listing activities, time-sharing promotions and other thematic information, change the posters are not interactive, stiff static poster effect;
Floor smart shopping guide
The whole floor install, a variety of models, a unified system, shopping centers throughout the smart shopping guide and information consulting services to facilitate the query goods, parking spaces, set meal, to provide a good shopping experience.
Brand shop intelligent magic mirror shopping guide
Embedded / placed intelligent magic mirror, provide a variety collocation recommendation to help the joint sale of other goods, virtual fitting to reduce the loss of goods for customers to provide shopping experience and efficiency, online payment, effective against online shopping impact, new smart shopping experience at the same time, more effective in saving the high cost of land in the commercial area.
The future window - magic box can telling story
Do not need to touch the screen, control the built-in 360 ° rotation of the goods, in the soft light show details, creating an elegant, high-quality merchandise image, touch instead of shopping guide manual, no training, no errors, saving human cost effectively.
  • i-Blackboard
  • Transparent display cabinet
  • Touch Mirror
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