Smart City Construction Program

Program Background
Today, with the quick development and depth application of global Internet of Things, the Internet, cloud computing and other new round information technology, information technology is brewing a major change and new breakthroughs to a higher stage of intelligent development has become an inevitable trend. The country's emphasis on the construction of a smart city has been manifested in various aspects in recent years. As a positive response to the policy and consideration of its own urban development, a number of cities in the country, represented by various front lines and the eastern coastal areas, A large number of nano-touch, Internet of things, large data as the representative of the high-tech, information technology and convenient equipment in the wisdom of the city has been widely used in construction.
Program details
1、Innovative city convenience information services
livelihood of the payment services and information services to facilitate life, the public communications network as a connecting link to enrich the nano-touch self-service terminals for the convenience of interactive means of modern urban consumer information management service platform to maximize provide fast Safe and convenient service to public.
2、Smart banking information services
With the help of advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, nano-technology and cloud computing, Wise Bank builds a brand-new banking service system from hardware to software. It saves operational manpower costs and reduces queuing time. In customer experience, marketing promotion, self-service, staff training, Data collection, the banks to provide visible multi-dimensional value increase.
3、Smart medical treatment
The specificity of the medical industry, requiring the application of touch devices need to have a simple and accurate operation, get rid of the mouse and keyboard constraints, alcohol disinfection wipe clean, and need to support the operation of wearing gloves, this traditional touch technology is clearly impossible To meet these needs, and nano-touch technology research and development come out appropriately to solve this problem.
(1)Self-help registration machine :
set calculator, touch display, thermal printers and other equipment in one, patients do not need long lines in the artificial window, saving valuable time for medical treatment.
(2) Doctor's office:
doctors can use your fingers to move the image directly on the screen or input data, even if wearing rubber gloves also did not affect the touch effect, intuitive and convenient operation allows doctors to focus more on the diagnosis of the object rather than the complex process, which greatly increased Diagnostic efficiency.
(3)Help medical / self-search:
can be easily installed in the nursing room or bedside, so that medical staff and patients can easily record a variety of information.
through the large touch screen, remote video communication software, camera capture system for patients to develop a more professional and more comprehensive treatment.
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