Smart catering solutions

The current background
Now, the "80", "90" or even "00 " after become the main force of consumption, past consumers pursuit inexpensive, and now advocate the trend of superior consumption, the demand for personalized and differentiated rise to a new height. For this group of young consumers, the product is the foundation, they need more fun, interesting, able to participate. Entertainment, fun and interesting to drive the customers spontaneous spread, catering services need to shape their own characteristics of the brand imprint, fan groups and core competitiveness.
Food and beverage industry pain points
High rent, but because there is no obvious difference, the amount in store is not high
High labor, requires a lot of manpower investment, no matter how profitable, have to pay high labor costs
Customer participation is low, businesses can not understand the user's dining experience
Lack of novelty, differences, too intense competition at the same time, too single means of marketing, employee leaflets low efficiency, promotional activities are not targeted
Lack of member management methods, membership growth is slow, high turnover rate
Monthly payment of broadband costs, can only provide a single mobile phone WiFi Internet access
Can not accurately use large data to understand customer preferences, resulting in waste of procurement of food ingredients, virtually increase the cost

Program Overview
the Internet + background, the restaurant industry has also been brought into the "Internet era catering". Smart restaurant cause the hot attention, not only because the smart restaurant for the vast number of consumers can create novel, relaxed and happy ultimate consumer experience, but also because of intelligence Restaurants can effectively solve the above-mentioned food and beverage industry pain points and difficulties. UC Nano wisdom catering overall solution take the touch smart table as the main part, supplemented with intelligent taking number machine and ordering software and other entertainment software, to provide consumers with intelligent catering services.

UC Nano intelligent dining table, using the world's leading nano-touch technology, collect exquisite modern furniture manufacturing process, modeling exquisite appearance. It first meet all the features of ordinary table, flat surface can be arbitrarily placed items; second it can switch to large Tablet PC, built-in rich APP applications, and smooth touch experience as the pad, has "Share" product attribute. It is an intelligent interactive equipment for restaurants, KTV, bars, high-end clubs and other places of entertainment and leisure entertainment.

Smart ordering system is based on the performance characteristics of intelligent table and tailored development. The system is simple, powerful, through ordering, payment, entertainment, members, to achieve the depth of interaction between the restaurant and customers, customers and customers. UC Nano wisdom catering solutions in the forefront development of catering industry. Great save restaurant labor costs, can reduce the cost of traditional restaurant manpower by at least 40%. As the intelligent table with a natural large-screen playback properties, the UC Nano smart catering solutions for businesses not only save labor cost, but also for business income-generating advertising revenue.

Solution details
Restaurant entrance
Hardware support:
Smart touch number generating machine
Software function:
number generating software, advertising and other functions
Purpose effect:
To provide consumers self-service queuing number service, consumers can clearly understand the restaurant dining situation, arrange clear and reasonable time; Offer information, the new query function can achieve accurate and efficient human-free advertising effectiveness, just a machine that allows limited space, into a multi-functional service area, publicity area. Saving manpower costs at the same time, there is no time limit, can be 24 hours of continuous playback.
Dining room
Hardware support:
Nano-touch smart table
Software function:
Intelligent ordering, place order, payment, food progress view, audio and video entertainment, three-dimensional map, interactive games, advertising, etc.
Purpose effect:
Provide intelligent ordering service, consumers can touch the desktop, view dishes, a key order, combined with the kitchen after touching the system can see the progress of dishes
"Before we eat together to play their mobile phones, and now we play with the table" and other meal time is not boring, multiplayer online interactive game adds entertainment at the same time, but also increased the customer loyalty
Equipped with multiple USB charging interface to provide mobile phone charging function
Support for wireless networks, query news, play video, online shopping and other recreational services
After the meal, through Alipay, WeChat and other mobile payment platform can pay the bill; at the same time the background can accurately analyze the customer preferences, to guide the procurement of food behavior and improve the improvement and reduce operating costs
Dimensional map can accurately query the next place to go route
Shocking large-screen display to enhance the restaurant's science and technology sense, grade, novelty, at the same time, more playable restaurant videos and advertising to induce consumers to share pictures, spontaneous dissemination, drive second consumption
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