UCN Future Classroom Solution Program

Program Background
With the promulgation of the << Education Informationization 13th Five-Year Plan>> by the Ministry of Education, China Education is making great efforts to build an education system with network, digitization, individuation and life-long education, build a learning society of ' all people learning, everywhere learning and all time learning " and training a lot of innovation talent for development direction. In accordance with the "overall service, integration innovation, deepening the application, improve the mechanism" principle, and steadily promote the work of education information. At the same time, resource-sharing, resource sharing-led future education model has become a general trend.
With the experience of practical application of information technology in many years, UC Nano constructed the "UCN Future Classroom Solution Program" for teachers, students, parents and education administrators under the guidance of pre-class, in-class and after-class and strive to achieve through the application of information technology education and learning methods of change, focusing on addressing the following aspects:
Quality education resources can not be effectively shared and disseminated
The sharing and dissemination of education resources are relatively simple
Education managers can not effectively monitor the teaching situation
Parents can not understand the child's situation in school

Program design concept
"Interaction"——in the ecological environment, there are a variety of interactive mode between users and equipment, users and users
"Flow" ——hrough the information flow, resource flow, data flow, a comprehensive integration of users and the environment, making the ecological system vitality.
"Convergence"——Creating a quality user experience through the introduction of new technologies, new ideas, new experiences, and fusion innovations.
Program advantage
Resource public service platform——multi-level resource flow, often new dynamic resource platform
Education Management Service Platform——Data Service, Decision Support
"School Link"——the school to break through, breaking the information island
"Class Link" ——classes exchange, integrate with the depth of classroom teaching
"Everyone Link"——all Internet, based on the mobile Internet fragmentation learning
Function brief
The future classroom solution consists of feedback evaluation, multi-screen interactive teaching, visualized teaching, teaching resources, classroom interactive teaching, online preview / review six core system composition, for network learning, face learning, online and offline combination learning methods to provide full-service.
  • i-Blackboard
  • Touch Table
  • High shot instrument
  • Student pad
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