UCN intelligent blackboard program (integrated teaching program)

Program Background
Now the multimedia has gradually become popular into every ordinary classroom, the form is generally a projection whiteboard and teaching machine. When teachers and students enjoy the diversified teaching, also face accumulated troubles. The impact of light pollution on students' visual acuity, pushing and pulling the blackboard consume the teacher's physical, and the mind of the blackboard on the inherent understanding of the violation, can not chalk writing problems ... ... UCN intelligent blackboard program born under the above context, The world's leading nano-touch technology will be the traditional handwriting blackboard and multimedia devices, in chalk blackboard and multimedia applications easily switch between.
Program introduction
UCN intelligent blackboard program (Integrated Teaching Program) is the current school information technology widely used in the program. The blackboard take nano-touch as the core equipment, respect teachers usage habit, help different grade teachers, different disciplines easily interactive multimedia teaching, improve classroom fun, to achieve a true interactive teaching mode.
Supporting professional teaching software and management platform, but also extended to add physical booth function, at any time transfer students work, papers and other physical content information to the intelligent blackboard to explain and endorsement to create a more convenient and interactive new teaching environment, is the national "three link, two platforms "under the building of the standard school program.
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