UC Nano (UCN) was founded in 2006, is a "national high-tech enterprises.", which focus on nano-touch technology research and development. Based in Suzhou Industrial Park, with independent research and development center, one building and nearly 10,000 square meters industrial 4.0 clean room, it is the world's largest capacity production factory.
Since established, 10 years focus on nano-touch foil iteration and development, continuous improvement and breakthroughs on touch accurate, smooth, multi-application, create more value for users and the market. UC Nano not only created the nano touch control this new area, but also is the foundation and standard-setting enterprise in this industry. Based on the company’s vision "let people's lives more beautiful and wisdom" and product technology, quality and capacity guarantee, has been favored by the user, currently accounts for more than 95% of China's nano-touch foil market share, the top three in world. UC Nano also continue to accumulate the experience of automated manufacturing, product gradually extended to more interactive areas, so that more users feel the detonated revolution by new materials and a new generation of information technology
At present, UC Nano has dredged the entire upstream and downstream industry chain, from core components to the intelligent hardware to the education industry solutions, form the three product system:
The core components – using ProTouch iFoil unique waterproof, explosion-proof, holographic transparent, large size can be bent, not afraid of light interference, attached to the glass can touch and other good features, touch products and solutions will have good performance in strict environment, environmental tolerance, unique appearance.
Intelligent hardware - In response to market demand for integrated touch products, UC Nano selected international A + class panels and high-performance host, through the strictest high configuration integration, develop various size touch panel, mirror all in one machine, desktop interactive devices , And has been produced in large-scale, widely used in commercial O2O, exhibitions, smart home, public services and other major areas, is an indispensable and important part when building the "smart city".
Education Industry Solutions - Following the design concept of "Respecting the tradition and fusion of the future", introduce the nano-touch blackboard with black flat touch, interactive touching, multimedia teaching and chalk writing. Perfect integrate traditional teaching blackboard and the interactive blackboard. And using the UC Nano self-developed UCN teaching platform, management platform, to create a comprehensive intelligence education solutions to simplify the process of equipment redundant in education information, to realize the perfect combination of modern hi-tech with traditional feelings.
The company has four nano-touch foil invention patents, 57 related patents, a number of patents have entered international PCT stage, and achieved 3C, CE, FCC, RoHS certification. 2011 to 2016 was reported and interviewed by CCTV1 News , CCTV-News, Jiangsu channel TV and other authoritative media, is the national high-tech enterprise, the national startup and innovation company, Jiangsu Province science and technology medium and small-sized enterprises. Jiangsu startup and innovation company, science and technology leader Enterprises and so on, currently has three subsidiaries, nine branches / offices, more than 30 after-sales technical support centers, and establish long-term cooperation with Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences two national research and development center and has independent research and development center. Based in Suzhou Industrial Park, with independent research and development centers, one office buildings and nearly 10,000 square meters of industrial 4.0 clean room, it is the world's largest capacity production factory.
Over the years,UC Nano provide e three major product systems for important customers, including IBM, Samsung, Huawei, NEC, TOTO, Haier, Kohler, Mitsubishi Elevator and so on. In order to better serve our customers, UC Nano now has R & D department leded by several PHD, with a set of polymer materials, controllers, algorithms, computer integrated manufacturing and other multi-disciplinary research and development strength. In addition, UC Nano also recruit a number of product designers from the top industry and the major institutions, hardware development engineers, software development engineers and other professional developers, focusing on interactive technology trends in the future research, new product development, so that Projected capacitive touch technology continues to penetrate into all aspects of the national touch market. From the wisdom of education, the wisdom of the city, commercial O2O, digital media, games, entertainment, smart home and a wide range of applications, the traditional enterprise to embrace the Internet one of the key technologies. UC Nano follow the concept and spirit innovation, focus and efficiency. Sincerely welcome all elite to join in, making China's original intelligent interactive technology be popular and making our lives more beautiful and wisdom.

We not only care about each person’s personal ability, charm, virtue of the development and growth, but also pay attention to the support and collaboration between the team, regularly show collaboration opportunities to colleagues and team. In addition to regular training, we also making dumplings, cakes, baking cookies to exercise our hands and share spirit, travel expansion, drifting water war, tug of war, tearing brand names, regular experience competitive swimming, badminton, table tennis, after full relax, and then fully into the work, we will understanding each other easier.

UC Nano established Fu Ren Cultural Fund, except equity incentives also help staffs’ family, thanks them developed good children and working in UC Nano to create social value. Piety is the foundation of all virtues. As parents grow old, all kinds of illnesses are slowly appearing, UC Nano use the Cultural Fund to help colleagues through the plight, for him to share the sudden pressure of coming Ministry of Personnel Administration each year for each employee's parents carefully prepared a gift courier to the home, electronic blood pressure measuring instrument, all kinds of grains, honey and other gift boxes, bless the elder in good health.
First help aound people and who have spare capacity radiat more forthe Tibetan children to buy books, stationery, clothing, dog meat for the Yulin save the dogs were sent to dog food ....... The greater the capacity The greater the responsibility, UC Nano determined with the platform with the faster and better growth, greater ability to return to society.

CCTV-News, CCTV-4, CCTV-13, Jiangsu TV, Dragon TV, Beijing TV ... ... dozens of national media positive report the UC Nano’s technology and products. It is a recognition and support, it is a kind of supervision and let us continue to make progress and breakthroughs, committed to making people's lives more beautiful and wisdom.

China Association of science and technology secretary, executive vice president, the first secretary Shang Yong came to Suzhou to make research, as a "national high-tech enterprise", "science and technology leader" received the delegation's visit. Secretary Shang accompanied by secretary of provincial Party committee , Suzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Shi Taifeng, accompanied visit UC Nano. Our founder Jason explain the invention of the nano-touch foil and touch principle and usage to Secretary Shang and Shi.
Secretary Shang is very interested, conducted an in-depth discussion with Jason, and provide valuable suggestions of the development for UC Nano. At the same time, he pointed out: "Innovation and technology enterprises are an energetic and vigorous endeavor, and we must have the courage to take the first step to succeed, and the government needs to pay more attention to help these enterprises.
We are very fortunate to be able to choose base in the Singapore Industrial Park in Suzhou. We are also very fortunate to be able to develop in this respectable and high-tech era. We are sincerely grateful to all of you for your support and leaders attention and support, will be more full of enthusiasm for the community to create greater value.
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