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It is learnt from “2018 China IT Market Annual Meeting” that the artificial intelligence core industrial scale was over 70 billion Yuan in 2017 in China, with the issuance of national planning, related regional construction of artificial intelligence will start gradually. It is estimated that till 2020, China's artificial intelligence core industrial scale will exceed 160 billion Yuan, growing by 26.2%. There is a vivid metaphor for it: cloud computing is the brain, the internet of things is the nerve center, while artificial intelligence is just like a learning machine, allowing human to finish the deep learning on the basis of cloud computing and Internet of things.
How can human get well along with machines? Does artificial intelligence have universal value? What are the changes of cloud computing and Internet of things? The future of artificial intelligence is worthy of careful consideration. It has already been six decades since the development of artificial intelligence, and it once gave rise to three revolutions, which had supplemented the development of Internet of things and cloud computing. At present, it is generally believed within the industry that artificial intelligence has already made great breakthroughs in the voice and visual field, and it will further reform the mode of human-machine interaction.

As a representative of emerging human-machine interaction technology, it has already been a decade since the emergence of nano touch technology till the implementation in various industries. Furthermore, it grows increasingly mature, and leads to a large scale. By taking advantage of the excellent properties of ProTouch iFoil nano touch foil, like water-proof, anti-hitting, holographic and transparent, large size, flexible, anti-light interference, touch available on glass, etc. all-in-one touch products and solutions with which as the core component displays high performance, environment tolerance and unique appearance, etc. playing a vital role in accelerating the deep integration of all industries and information.

Innovative and convenient information-based services

By informatizing the payment service and life convenience service involving the livelihood, it creates an efficient and convenience modern urban consumption information management service platform with the public communication network as the connection, and numerous nano touch terminals as the convenient interaction means.

Information-based service of intelligent banks

By virtue of frontier technologies, such human-machine interaction, Internet of things and cloud computing, it creates a bank service system of a brand new concept, which can save the labor cost of operation, reduce the waiting time, and provide visible multi-dimensional value increase for banks in customer experience, marketing and data collection, etc.

Smart medical treatment

Due to the particularity of the medical treatment industry, applied touch device shall be simple and accurate in operation by getting rid of keyboard and mouse, be ethanol tolerant, sterilized, cleaned and washable. Besides, the screen also supports operation using gloves. Apparently, traditional human-machine interactive technology fail to meet the above stated demands, but the emergence of nano touch technology just resolves this problem.

Smart catering

The catering industry also has high requirement on the environment tolerance of human-machine interactive technology, like water-proof, anti-fouling, high temperature resistant, solid and endurable, it also sets higher demands on the user experience. Dominated by touchable intelligent desks, and assisted by intelligent queuing machine, it can provide smart catering services to consumers, with the help of smart ordering software and other entertainment service software. It respects users' using habit, saves the labor, marketing and other operation costs.

Intelligent shopping guide

Touch shopping guild machine is now impacting the entire business shopping guide and media advertising market in explosive growth, for its high interaction and strong sense of experience.

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Touch Mirror is a all-in-one machine integrating specialized mirror, nano touch foil, high-definition liquid crystal display, industrial control computer, anti-interference parts, etc.


With the nano touch technology, touch table has kept the original appearance and functions as tea table/ dining table, as well as becoming an extra-large pad to realize multi-user interactive touch operation on the desktop.