Software Introduction

Software Introduction

UCN Link is a self-developed mobile application implementing the interconnection and interaction between mobile terminals and interactive blackboard on the basis of Wi-Fi / local area network. By operating the mobile client, it can conduct remote PPT display, file transfer, in-kind shooting display, video broadcast, etc. and “liberate” the teacher from the three-feet platform.


Wireless, Display on One Screen

Replace professional education devices with common mobile phones / panels.
Scan for blackboard connection, free from complicated wiring.
Two-way projection on the mobile client and blackboard, display resources from mobile phone directly.

PPT Illustration

Remote paging and zooming using the mobile client, functions like synchronous display on the blackboard is also possible.
Various kinds of annotation tools, two-way operation, instant filing
Screen display preview, one-key jump to appointed page

Visual Presenter

The mobile client is a visual presenter, the shooting will be displayed synchronously on the blackboard
Photos can be sent immediately after being shot, annotation of images can be done on either blackboard or mobile devices
Supports zooming, rotation, transfer, cut, erasing using hand gestures etc.