Software Introduction

Software Introduction

UCN i-Tech2 is a self-developed multi-media teaching application aiming at the demand for teaching display. With various kinds of lesson preparation and teaching functions, such as intelligent management of materials, material processing, document display and annotation, etc. It enhances the class illustration efficiency and interest.


Recognition and Classification

It is able to recognize USB resources easily, classify files automatically and then display the local file instantly using one-key easy assess. Support document types such as Word, PPT, Excel, pictures, videos, etc.

Display Annotations

Support opening several files at the same time, and display them on the same screen for comparison and illustration
All kinds of gestures for zooming in /out and rotation, double click for full-screen display
Support annotation, selection, zooming in/out and storage of documents

Basic Drawing Board

One-key switch of blackboard mode, support chalk, finger, and stylus pen.  Drag the screen to continue writing in new area which gives you four times of the normal screen size. Provides several tools for editing contents on the drawing board

Desktop Roaming

Humanized switch key, allow dragging document onto desktop.
Easily switch between drawing board and desktop, adapt to different teaching habits.
Annotation function can be used on the desktop even when the software is hidden in the background.