Product Introduction

UCN Interactive blackboard is a multimedia teaching platform integrating the nano touch, large-size high-definition screen, computer host, ordinary blackboard, television and computer, etc. It respects the using habits of both teachers and students, and connects the conventional blackboard with the interaction-perceivable intelligent blackboard, which not only allows chalk-writing on full screen but also provides multi-media teaching functions, being concise during operation. In the meantime, teachers can apply the teaching tools flexibly, share and use excellent teaching resources, and apply remote management, maintenance and upgrade with the built-in professional teaching software, application platform and management platform. As a result, it has already been widely applied in the education and teaching field, suitable for all education stages.

Product Features

Double Invention Patent

With dual invention patent of nano touch
foil and interactive blackboard.


Surface anti-glare glass and self-developed nano coating, huge viewing angle, huge viewing angle and able to filter harmful rays effectively

All-round Safety Design

Simulant flat surface, round-corner design, high-strength
tempered glass, water-proof, dust-proof, anti-hitting

Various Ways of Writing

Ordinary chalk / whiteboard marker / stylus pen / finger touch, respect the teaching habits of teachers

Various Sizes, Optional System

Three specifications: 70/75/86, select a proper size according to the number of students and size of classroom, Windows single system, or Windows and Android

Software-carrying Platform

Provides built-in self-developed teaching application platform and management platform, massive amount of teaching resources, we also provide remote equipment management and maintenance

Magnetic Attraction

It supports magnetic attraction on both sides, which is convenient for displaying of non-electronic teaching materials

Display Window, One Key Down Shift

The height of displayed material can be adjust downwards, without impacting the touch, to suit the height of different teachers

Peripheral Products