Product Introduction

UCN OGS Touch Panel, namely One Glass Solution integrated touch, adopts the self-developed SCA automatic vacuum hot lamination technology, which mainly attaches the ProTouch iFoil nano touch foil onto the tempered glass, and gives full play to the dual function of the glass as both the protective layer and touch sensor.
UCN OGS shares the same principle as the nano touch foil, namely to perceive the finger touch precisely through electrostatic induction. OGS uses UCN hot lamination technology and it seems to be more transparent than other lamination methods while it optimizes the display effect of the touch screen. In the meantime, a single piece of glass substrate truly satisfies the market demands for thinner and safer large and middle-sized touch products. UCN OGS touch panel resolves the technical problems of integrators, like lamination, calibration and integration problems, avoids the product loss caused due to sub-standard core technologies or production space, and makes it convenient for the fast integration of intelligent terminal products. This panel supports 10-point multi-touch, and it can be upgraded to 20 points, which can meet the requirements of more than 99% users. With recognized advantages, for instance, low cost, long life span, good touch stability, it will become the mainstream touch technology in the future.

Easy Lamination and Easy Integration

It integrates the glass substrate on the basis of nano touch foil, and forces numerous integrators to integrate terminal products conveniently and efficiently.

Nano Touch, Flat and Ultra-thin

By integrating UCNs patented technology on nano touch foil, it brings more accurate positioning and smoother touch experience. Using a single piece of glass substrate, and free from outer frame, it looks simple and graceful.

Diversified Types/sizes

The surface glass can be customized in accordance with clients' demands. Special nano glass can also be selected on the basis of common/super white wave / AR /AG glass, which can filter 80% of harmful lights and protect our eyes. Currently, there are nine conventional sizes for OGS (smaller than 86" inches), and mass production has already been realized.

Brand New Chip Scheme, Driver-free Operation

With brand new chip scheme, it provides high-performance concurrent multipoint touch. The high-noise cancellation technique guarantees higher-performance touch writing for large-size touch device. It can operate driver-free, being suitable for mainstream operation systems, and achieve situation of just plug in and it's ready to go.

Greater Profit Margin

Technical innovation improves the yield. Besides, The cost of UCN OGS Touch Panel has been decreased with the industrial 4.0 fourth-generation production line. The cost is massively increased comparing with conventional capacitive touch screen, and it leaves greater profit margin for numerous intelligent hardware integrators.

Application Fields of OGS Touch Panel
OGS Touch Panel is mainly applied in such fields as electronic navigation, display and demonstration, public services, business media, smart home, security and protection, industrial control, medical treatment, education, etc. It is not merely consistent with the development trend that the country advocates energy-saving and environmental-protection, low-cost and smart-life high-tech products, and due to its features, such as large size, being water-proof, flat, and applicable for both outdoor and semi-outdoor environment, it gives full play to the advantages of nano touch technology, and makes the dreams of future smart life come true.
  • Commercial Media
  • Smart Teaching
  • Touch Display
  • Interactive Game
  • Smart Finance
  • Business Tour
  • Smart Medical
  • Smart Access Control
  • Self-catering
  • Smart Logistics
  • Outdoor City
  • Conference Training