Product Introduction

ProTouch iFoil nano touch foil is an improved projected capacitive touch foil (iPCT transparent touch foil) independently researched and developed by UCN (with proprietary intellectual property rights). It can perceive human finger touch precisely across the substrate (generally glass), and realize the touch positioning accurately through electrostatic induction. It has became a core part of accurate positioning devices such as touch screen. Through consistent research and development, as well as accumulation and innovation, nano touch foil has already developed to the tenth generation, being improved substantially in stability, touch precision, and compatibility.
ProTouch iFoil nano touch foil is composed of the
induction foil, control chip and driver software.

Induction Foil

It can sense through material of 12mm maximally.
A single film may cover from 10 inches up to 98 inches usually.
It is flexible and can be integrated into curved touch terminal to achieve curved touch screen.
It uses artificial intelligence self-learning evolutionary mechanism to break through the infinite point touch.
The design service life is as long as 9 years.

Control Chip

Innovative design, V4/ V5/ V6/ V6L/ V7/V10 have already been promoted.
Various options of control chip, to meet specific user requirement such as extra precise control and instant response.

Driver Software

Compatible with various operating systems such as Windows XP/7/8/10, Android, Linux, etc.
Compatible with numerous apps on open source platforms like Android, therefore it is possible to design solutions efficiently at a low cost.
Possible to develop customized apps according to the additional requirements of clients.

ProTouch iFoil nano touch foil has the following features

Precise Positioning

Precise touch, no drifts, no ghost point, real-time response.
Flexible in operation, smooth writing without breaking points, high precision, supporting tiny font writing.

Artistic and sci-fi

High transparency, light transmittance ≥90%.
Light and thin, only about 0.17mm in thickness.
Border free, flat and fine looking.
Touch on the glass and it can sense through over material of 12mm.

Safe and Durable

The touch foil is attached to the back of tempered glass, anti-scratch, high strength.
Water-proof, dust-proof, acid and alkali corrosion resistant.
No mechanical parts, long life span.
No exposed parts, safety assured.
Industrial grade operating temperature: -15°C to +75°C.

Application mode of ProTouch iFoil nano touch foil

ProTouch iFoil nano touch foil supports multi-point touch and is available in various sizes. It allows multi-user interaction with the touch screen. It is recommended to be used in liquid crystal solution, and form an integrated product with the LCD screen, for realizing the perfect combination of precision touch and high-definition display.

Combine with projection

By covering a layer of projection film on the nano touch foil, different effect can be presented depending on the corresponding base imaging materials, and it is mainly applied in customized solutions.

Combine with liquid crystal

Nano touch foil can be integrated with tempered glass, LCD screen, computer host and related anti-interference parts, and applied to the production and manufacturer of intelligent terminals, which realize the perfect combination of precision touch and high-definition display.

Application fields of ProTouch iFoil nano touch foil

ProTouch iFoil® nano touch foil is mainly applied in fields such as the electronic navigation, display and demonstration, public services, business media, smart home, security and protection, industrial control, medical treatment, education, etc. It is not merely consistent with the development trend that the country advocates energy-saving and environmental-protection, low-cost and smart-life high-tech products, and due to its features, such as large size, being water-proof and flat, and applicable for outdoor and semi-outdoor environment, it gives full play to the advantages of nano touch technology, and makes the dreams of future smart life come true.

  • Commercial Media
  • Smart Teaching
  • Touch Display
  • Interactive Game
  • Smart Finance
  • Business Tour
  • Smart Medical
  • Smart Access Control
  • Self-catering
  • Smart Logistics
  • Outdoor City
  • Conference Training