UC Nano Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UCN), with a registered capital of 26.66 million Yuan, is an enterprise that invents the nano touch technology. Possessing the independent intellectual property of Interactive blackboard, it is a “national high-tech enterprise” within the industry. After nine years of development, UCN has always been sticking to its mission of “making human life smarter and better”. Taking the nano touch technology as the core of interaction, it is now promoting the reform of man-machine interaction mode in all walks of life, to make our life more convenient and intelligent.
It is mainly engaged in nano touch foil, OGS touch panel, Interactive blackboard and intelligent education solutions, with the ability of developing and producing intelligent hardware, and establish software platform.
It was the provider of man-machine interaction solutions for 13 national pavilions in Shanghai World Expo.From 2011 to 2017, it was reported and interviewed by authoritative media like CCTV-1, CCTV-News, Jiangsu TV, etc.
Founder honor

Founder – Ms. Zhang Yan

Graduated from University of California Berkeley, conferred with the degree of master of business administration.
She is now studying at Central European International Business School, and was once included in 2013 Forbes List (China, America) as one of the 30 entrepreneurs below 30 years old.

Company Size
Headquartered in Suzhou Industrial Park, UCN has an independent R&D center, an independent office building and an industrial 4.0 dust-free workshop covering about 10000 m2. It may produce millions of pieces of nano touch foils annually, and UCN research institute also stay in long partnership with the R&D centers of Tsinghua and Chinese Academy of Sciences, thus maintaining its originality and foresight.
The company is a key enterprise supported by the industry of nano new materials in Suzhou. It has already applied for nine international and domestic patents for invention related to the nano touch technology, and almost a hundred related patents. Besides, it has also passed CE, FCC, RoHS, CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, and been qualified for the standard identification by the administration of quality supervision.
It has two branch companies located in Beijing and Shenzhen respectively, and a wholly-owned subsidiary Suzhou Pinmei Information Technology Co., Ltd. Moreover, it has offices in about 30 large and medium-sized cities, such as Tianjin, Shandong, Northeast China, Beijing, Fujian, Shenzhen, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Henan, Xi'an, Gansu, Xinjiang, etc.
Over the past years, UCN had provided products and services to major clients, including IBM, Samsung, Huawei, NEC, TOTO, kohler, Mitsubishi Elevator, Tsinghua University, etc. In order to serve its client better, UCN has built five R&D departments led by several doctors, displaying multi-disciplinary R&D strength integrating polymer material, controller, algorithm, computer integrated manufacturing, etc. so as to get projection-type contact technology penetrated into all aspects of the touch market. With abundant fields of application, including intelligent education, smart city, business O2O, digital new media, games and entertainment, smart homes, etc. it turns to be one of the key technologies allowing traditional enterprises to embrace the Internet.
Team building
UCN not only pays attention to the development and growth of the individual ability, charm and virtue of all employees, but also focuses on the support to and cooperation between teams, and gives opportunities to staff to display themselves and team cooperation. Besides all kinds of regular training, we would also make Chinese dumplings, make cakes, make cookies, etc. to exercise our operational ability and sharing spirit. Moreover, we may go traveling, take outreach activities, go drifting, have water fight, hold tug of war, tear brand name. Regular competitive experience, swimming, badminton, Ping-pong, etc. allow us to relieve ourselves fully, and then throw ourselves into work sufficiently, and we may have more tacit understandings.
Social responsibility
While developing steadily, UCN always remember to fulfill the enterprise social responsibility and carry forward Chinese traditional filial piety culture. It has donated intelligent teaching devices like Interactive blackboard to schools in urgent need of information-based upgrade via the “cloud program” and “education support”, to optimize the education resource allocation in east and west China, and promote the progress of information-based construction for education. Secondly, It took an active part in national science popularization week and “science popularization to the countryside” activity, as well as the planning and construction of science museums of all levels and schools, communities, and rural science popularization pavilions, trying to pass positive energy to the society through public welfare activities, and implement its education feelings in practical actions.
“Of all virtues filial piety is most important”. UCN held “gratitude to parents and caring parents” activity each year since its establishment. The HR & Administration Department would send an elaborately prepared gift to parents of employees every year, such as electronic blood pressure gauge, grains, massage devices, wool comforter, etc. to wish them healthy, thank them for their great support to children's work, and cultivation of children who are creating social value in UCN.
Leadership visit
Vice chairman of the CPPCC and Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology Wan Gang praised highly of UCN's successful application of nano touch technology to such fields as the intelligent education, smart city construction, etc. during his investigation of technical innovation enterprises of the nano industry in Suzhou. In the meantime, he also pointed out specially to pay attention to the successful transformation of nano science applied research fields, and promote China to step towards a power in nano technology.
Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of China Association for Science and Technology, Vice Executive Chairman and Major Secretary of the Secretariat Shang Yong came to Suzhou for investigation. UCN received the delegation as a “national high-tech enterprises”, “leading enterprise in science and technology”. The team led by the secretary was presented at UCN accompanied by the Deputy Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, Suzhou Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Shi Taifeng. UCN founder Jason illustrated the touch principle and illustrations of nano touch foil carefully for Secretary Shang and Secretary Su. Secretary Shang was quite interested, discussed further with Jason, and put forward valuable suggestions to the development prospect of UCN. In the meantime, it is pointed out that “technological innovation enterprise is usually vigorous. To gain success, you shall be brave to take every step. Besides, the government shall pay more attention to support these enterprises.”.
New materials bring technological progress, while technology brings better life style. From nano touch foil to intelligent hardware, till the creation of intelligent education solutions, the interconnection of whole industry chain makes UCN pay more and more attention to the research and development, market brand and user experience. When one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from. We will return greater market value created to the society, and make the smart life available for the society.